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Moving office computers

Office relocation mean lots of careful attention to the various computers and peripherals. Friends and Family Moving & Storage offers the following approach to your office’s vital systems to help things go smoothly during your business move:

Start by backing up your data. Store the backup disks with the original application disks in a crush-proof box. Then:

  • Be sure to shut down all computers completely before you unplug any cables.
  • Using masking tape, create labels on each cable and power cord to document where it is connected.
  • Unplug all power cables.
  • Unplug all of the cords and cables to any peripherals (keyboard, printer, etc).
  • After you disconnect each printer, remove the ink cartridges and store them in leak-proof packaging.

The original box and formed foam packing material that your computers and peripheral devices came in is ideal for packing, but if you don’t have them handy, try to re-create similar tightly fitting, shock-resistant packing.

Don’t forget that a monitor’s screen isn’t just vulnerable to breaking – the glass could also become scratched. Wrap the monitor in a large plastic bag first, and then pack it in an appropriately sized box with insulating type materials. The idea is to create as much shock resistance as you can. Heavy duty bubble wrap works well. The same approach works for printers if you don’t have the original packing boxes and cushioning materials.

You can pack CPUs upright or lying on their sides. Note that the motherboard should be closest to the bottom of the box if you pack it sideways; this makes the motherboard and associated parts much more stable and less likely to become loose during your office move.

We have boxes! At Friends and Family Moving & Storage, we have a variety of boxes available for any office move-we’re sure to carry ones that will best fit the equipment that you must carefully move during your office relocation. Just give us a call!

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