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Handling hard-to-pack, hard-to-transport items

Packing for vacation is hassle enough, but packing for moving can definitely cause a few headaches. Among the tedious tasks are things that are tricky to pack and perhaps hard to move. But, Friends and Family Moving & Storage reminds you that there’s always a solution bound to keep your stress level down a notch, whether it’s a local move or long distance.

We offer up these handy tips for the challenging things you may need to pack and move:

Dealing with furniture disassembly and reassembly

Got a complicated piece of furniture that you just can’t pack in its assembled form? At one point you put it together, but now it’s time to take it apart for moving (or storage). No problem-but what about putting it back together after you’ve relocated? You’ll want that effort to go quickly and easily too.

Before you prepare the parts and hardware for your move, photograph them. Place everything unassembled on the floor in an uncluttered area and grab a camera to document what goes where, and what goes with what. You’ll get a visual inventory of the pieces and parts and a reminder of the sequence of assembly.

If your item has small parts, such as different-sized sets of screws or brackets, place each set in its own zip-seal bag and label what they’re for with a permanent marker. Use heavy tape and tape the bags to the larger structural parts, or designate a box just for the bags of parts and clearly label the box.

Indoor plants-how to keep them happy during your move

Move them in a way that keeps ‘em lush and green and won’t create a mess of spilled soil:

  1. The day before or the day of your move, put each houseplant in its own cardboard box that is deep enough to close the box without damage.
  2. Pad each box lightly with damp newspaper all the way around to cushion the plant and keep it moist. Drape a wet paper towel over the top of the plant.
  3. Mark the boxes “Do not load” since you’ll want to transport them in your own car.
  4. Seal up the boxes and poke holes for air in the top of each box just before you place them in your car.
  5. Unpack your plants as soon as possible, but don’t place them in direct sunlight at first. Give each plant time to adapt before you put it in bright light, if that’s the plant’s seattle-wa-moving-company destination in your new home.

We do move plants at Friends and Family Moving & Storage, but we can’t guarantee safe transport if the plant should go into shock or if a limb gets broken.

Have something valuable that’s ultra fragile or oddly bulky? No problem…

The trained team at Friends and Family Moving & Storage are experts in custom crating items such as pictures, mirrors, chandeliers, granite, glass art, or marble table tops. So, sometimes it’s best to leave it to the professional moving pros. We have special techniques for padding, wrapping, and shock-proofing your valuable possessions.

It typically isn’t that costly to let us prepare and pack your fragile art or heirloom pieces or other delicate valuables. It’s actually cost-effective in the big scheme of things-much more than taking chances with something precious and perhaps impossible to replace.

And seattle-wa-moving-companyly, how about a tip that might make at least one little part of your move simpler… Did you know you don’t have to empty clothes out of dresser drawers? You can leave your clothes inside, but remove breakables or heavy objects or things that may spill in the drawers. However, if it’s a fragile antique or a dresser made from particle board, it would be best to move them empty.

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