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Archive for February 2011

Go with a licensed mover

When moving locally, who do you call? We recommend calling a licensed mover. Did you know that all licensed moving companies in the state of Washington are regulated by the Utility Transportation Commission (UTC)? Did you know there are many rogue movers out there who are engaged in the very business practices the state regulators are trying to protect you from? Be cautious of movers who just say they’re licensed.

Being around and in the moving industry, I personally have seen some real doozies-people being duped by unlicensed movers using their car license plate as their license number! Don’t be fooled buy these people. Simply having a UBI number does not make them a licensed mover, either. When choosing a licensed mover, check their credentials and ask for their household goods permit number, which they should provide without hesitation. Protect yourself and protect your investment-you’ve spent decades acquiring things and have had heirlooms passed down from generation to generation that you’ll want handled properly by a mover you can trust. There are horror stories out there, thanks to unscrupulous unlicensed, rogue movers-and with them, there is no recourse.

The Washington State Utility Transportation Commission protects you from unethical business practices, and audits companies with too many complaints to ensure they’re in compliance with all rules and regulations. As a family-owned and operated moving company, Friends and Family Moving & Storage assures you that your belongings are being handled safely and professionally with good, old-fashioned care!

Five Tips for Making Your Business Move Go Smoothly

A corporate move can go smoothly-without business interruption-with the right planning, knowledge, and help. Friends and Family Moving and Storage offers tips for planning an office move:

  1. Ensure your plan includes communications. Lack of communication makes an office move difficult-a solid plan will mitigate this. The communications plan should be within the project plan, addressing “Who needs to know what, when” around tasks, milestones, responsibilities, and contingencies.
  2. Involve a communications person. He or she will ensure all stakeholders and their concerns are identified. At the least, you’ll be communicating with staff, vendors, customers, potential customers, contractors, other tenants, and public utilities.

  3. Know that I.T. relocation can be quite complex. Moving servers, computers, networks, cabling, computers, printers/copiers/faxes, phones-it’s highly specialized! Adding to the complexity are things like the firewall or the need for 24/7 up-time.
  4. Got outdated equipment? Don’t pay to move it. Moving might be just the time to get rid of old equipment, and deliver only the new stuff to your new space. Disposal of outdated electronics often involves understanding data security, and proper recycling and re-use. (You could even get tax credits or money back for salvaged, donated, or reusable equipment.)

    A good I.T. relocation consultant will assist you in navigating what can be a complicated process. If you lack an in-house expert, Friends and Family Moving can help you find one!

  5. Go local. Local movers tend to be more affordable than national companies. They’re also not subject to inflexible, corporate headquarters-mandated relocation plans. Another advantage of using a local company is their local know-how. There’s a better chance that your driver knows where you’re vacating and where you’re moving, along with traffic patterns and how to avoid delays. Local movers are often easier to reach than a national corporation and they’ll have area references.
  6. We specialize in local moves and offer great flexibility, every step of the way, in the level of help you need—whether it’s packing up, storage, or even helping you load a rental truck. We have a service plan that fits your business move, working with you in Seattle, Bellevue, Redmond, Issaquah, Olympia, Tacoma, and other Puget Sound area moving locations.

  7. Need temporary storage? Your move (or remodel) might require temporary storage. Maybe you’re building a new office space, but the move can’t wait. We’re the office mover with safe, secure storage-and why not deal with one company?
  8. Before we put your items in our storage facility, we carefully pad, tape, and shrinkwrap everything. It remains sealed till relocation time. Plus, our movers prepare a detailed inventory and record the exact condition of each item.

  9. Hold an orientation after the move. Not everyone embraces change-even those who do can get flustered. We recommend helping your staff feel welcome: hold orientation before or on the first day and offer much Q&A time.
  10. Great employee relations is a solid investment. Go that extra mile for your people-offer them different tour times to accommodate schedules, provide gourmet coffee, pastries, or “lunch on us,” or a fun contest.

    These are just a few tips to get you going on your office move. Friends and Family Moving and Storage has the experience you need to help you pull off an easy business relocation-one with zero lost productivity.